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Click on the links below to access some of the best known free Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Adware, Firewall and other useful free software.  All the following programs are now Vista and Windows 7 compatible.  Keep checking back from time to time, as we will add to the list where appropriate or following suggestions.  I have now included a link to an excellent backup programme, HomePCBackup.  This is designed for home users specifically and allows trial use, but the full programme is really excellent, up to 50GB data storage with more available for additional cost, automatic scheduled backups, incremental backups, and of course ever so easy restoration of your data, all for only £5 per month.  Add-ons also allow email data backup, and all data transmission is extremely secure.  Contact me for further details, or simply click the link to try it out yourself.

 Home PC Backup


This free Anti-Virus software is very effective indeed and comes out well in tests against other paid for packages.  AVG claim that 98 million people currently use it!  It contains an email scanner to prevent access to email spread viruses. 

Follow the link above to get the latest version, AVG 2015 Free.  Be sure you click on the AVG AntiVirus Free 2015, Free Download, NOT Free Trial. This is turn then takes you to a page with "Welcome AVG Free 2015 Users, to complete your download, click the link below".  Click on the big green button immediately below that says "Download Now".  Once it has downloaded, as it loads select the Basic Protection option and then all the default options, and let it do the rest itself.  It will prompt you for a re-start, and to register, you do not need to, and then will continue to load AVG 2015.  This latest version now includes a wealth of additional bits and pieces, as well as AVG's well known Link Scanner to help you stay safe on the internet. 

Once installed you need to click on the Options menu on the top right hand corner of the AVG window , and select Advanced Settings. In the left hand margin expand Scans and place a tick in Scan for Rootkits and all other boxes EXCEPT Report enhanced set of Potentially Unwanted Programs.  Also tick Scan Media Files.  Do the same for Specific Files or Folders scan, and Shell extension scan.  Then expand Schedules and Enable this task and set a time convenient to you to for the a scheduled scan.  I suggest that you set it to the "Every day option". AVG Free works fine with all versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

If running Windows 8 or 8.1 I personally think Avast Free is better, and it has come out slightly better in tests even against AVG.  Click here for Avast Free AntiVirus, make sure you click the green button entitled Download Now CNET Secure Download, NOT the other big Download buttons.

If using Windows XP, my recommendation is that you also use Avast Free, in conjunction with a firewall such as ZoneAlarm below, the Windows XP Firewall is not very robust, and don't forget that Microsoft are stopping support for Windows XP in April 2014.  If you need the AVG version for Linux, follow this link, and choose the Linux option.



This is probably the best free firewall package about and compares very favourable with expensive ‘paid for’ versions.  When installing and updating, be sure to select basic ZoneAlarm protection rather than anything else.  Click the link above, and then the big yellow button Free Download to ensure you get the free version, unless you want to pay!  This is not needed on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 installations, BUT most definitely on Windows XP.


This is a comprehensive and efficient "resident" spyware terminator.  That means it provides a "shield" which is working all the time to protect your system.  It prompts you when any changes are made to your system files or registry to ensure that it is an allowed change.  It does NOT slow your machine down unnecessarily as many resident programmes do.  It also auto-updates before carrying out automatic or scheduled scans.

CCLEANER  CCleaner - Freeware Windows Optimization

There are a number of valid reasons for keeping your computer free from clutter, not only will keeping your machine tidy help it run more smoothly but it may help you to keep personal and private information more secure. Most files that accumulate on the average PC will be relatively harmless but there may be some files and folders that contain more sensitive information. When you delete these files or folders some tools are better than others at completely removing them so when you want to remove them, its important to find a reliable and effective tool to do so.     

CCleaner is a powerful and hugely popular system cleansing utility that will enable you to remove any data, irrelevant or sensitive, that may be stored by online applications. Use it to remove Temporary Internet files and clear browser history as well as clean Registry files and other information.  Use with caution, as over zealous use can result in problems.


This is a really good Adware and other unwanted bits cleaner.  It does not install on your computer, so when you download it, choose Save, and put it on your Desktop.  Once completed just double click the icon on your desktop and agree the terms and conditions, then click Scan.  Once completed, click Clean, and it will work its magic in removing junk.



This is a really useful application, that is so simple to use.  DoPDF7.1 installs itself as a virtual PDF printer driver so after a successful installation it will appear in your Printers and Faxes list. To convert any document to PDF format, open a document (with Microsoft Word, WordPad, NotePad or any other software), choose Print and select doPDF from the list of printers. It will ask you where to save the PDF file and when finished, the PDF file will be automatically opened in your default PDF viewer usually Adobe Reader.  Click on the link below to get the latest version, currently version 9.3.4  Unless you want it, be sure to remove the tick from the "Get Google Toolbar" box.  Note that if running MS Office 2007 or higher you do not need this as you can create pdf's directly from the Save As menu, when clicking the Office button or in Office 2010 and later, select the File menu in the top left hand corner, then Save As, and in the Save as Type box towards the bottom of the Save As window, scroll down to PDF.

We will continue to add items to this page.  Please check back from time to time.

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 Home PC Backup


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